17 April 2016

Positive Shift + Influencers

Image by Philomanie

I've been recently thinking a lot about change; transformation, empowerment, clarity. As happens with many intangible aspects of life, I cannot pinpoint exactly when/where/how this started or who/what influenced me, but I have felt my perspective on various things become less fixed. By exposing myself over time to different voices and stories out there in the world, there has been more to choose from and I have been able to start honing my values and question my actions. Let me be clear: this is not in a 'I can't believe I blindly did X for years' way, but more of a 'Look at all the opportunities I have to try a different perspective' way. Being positive and self-assured is way more productive than being negative about oneself, I have found. .

Although I cannot attribute this shift to a precise moment or piece of information in space-time, there have been several key players that have influenced me in the most recent chapter of this adventure called l.i.f.e.:

What a woman! Elizabeth Gilbert became widely-known when her book Eat Pray Love gained serious popularity. She goes from strength to strength, from TED talk to fabulous book Big Magic to Oprah, and her positive and humorous attitude is contagious. I recommend listening to her books in audio form as her voice is so relaxing and fun to hear. She is also insightful and warm on her friend Rob Bell's podcast called the Robcast. Her laugh is great.

These guys! A colleague recommended their recently launched podcast (also called The Minimalists) and I was like 'Yeah, OK; I guess I'm looking for a interesting podcast.' Well, I got way more than I bargained for. Firstly, the topic of minimalism is interesting in itself, and secondly, their delivery of the content (based on their personal experiences and values) is spot on. They seem self-assured yet humble in their advice-giving, which is much more appealing than if they were to preach that everyone should get rid of all their stuff. It's about happiness in simplicity and living your values. Yes! They also have a film coming out soon. So much going on.

The name 'Lively' suits her so well, as she is always a bright, happy person to listen to. She does such a wonderful job interviewing the fascinating people (e.g. Brene Brown) on her podcast and she offers her own powerful insights and observations at every turn. She covers many topics although they mostly relate in some way to personal development, and she is not afraid to question the status quo. Listen to your intuition and download her podcast!

  • The film The True Cost - must-watch documentary about the current fashion world
Even before I watched this film, I knew it would have a powerful effect on me. Then, when I watched it through... astounding. Directed by Andrew Morgan, the documentary interviews people at different points and places in the global fashion industry, from high-end designers to cotton growers to garment workers. The end result is a big picture that you can't look away from. One thing to take away from the experience is that EVERY single one of us can decide to obtain clothes in a different way, be it by shopping second hand or using what we have (!) or buying from known ethical producers. Look it up and give yourself a chance to see a bigger picture.

Ah, neat space. If you haven't heard of the Konmari method (or her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up), it's about tidying your living spaces by 1) discarding possessions in a particular way, and 2) organising your remaining possessions in a particular way. What I (along with many people) find the most value in is the idea of keeping an item only if it brings you joy. This made me think about the value I place on possessions and being more mindful of what I have and why I do or don't keep it. A really helpful exercise in decluttering (one of my new favourite things!) for those feeling stuck with obligation for keeping things and then feeling overwhelmed in the space. I know I feel a lot lighter (figuratively) and peaceful after letting go of things; you might too!

...And that's before I even get started on music, food, art or a bunch of other things. (I'll get back to you on that.)

There is so much inspiring, powerful, useful, humbling content out there in so many forms: paper books, audio books, podcasts, blogs, social media, photographs, music, radio, brick-and-mortar organisations, community groups; the list goes on. All we have to do is be open to one voice, one story, and then the light will shine on in.

Feel free to share what/who/where is inspiring you!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing + including The Lively Show in this wonderful round up. I'm inspired by many of these people you've shared as well!! : )


  2. My pleasure and thank you! It is the least I can do to recommend your content as I find such value in it. Best wishes from Australia :)