14 August 2014

Shimmer Heaven


The Body Shop: Shimmer Cubes Palette 24 (Lily Cole collection)
Swatches left to right: Live Lilac / Tint It Pink / Think Pink / Go Violet

 My first beauty post: it's been a long time coming! Since allowing myself to get caught up in - and enjoy - the world of beauty blogs and YouTube videos, thought I would try my hand at doing a makeup review. I wanted to contribute to the infinite pool of beauty reviews as I have always found reading reviews really helpful. So, it seemed natural to feature a product that I really enjoy, from a brand I appreciate.

Let me first explain two things: a) I bought this palette in the Goa airport in India; and b) I bought it in 2012 but actually only started using it early 2014. 
Point (a) is because The Body Shop prices are so much cheaper in India than in Australia, so I was not letting that opportunity pass by! Point (b) is because I keep a little treasure trove of beauty items hidden away so that I can go and open one when I feel it's right. Another interpretation of this might be that I am RIDICULOUS, not using things straight after buying them. However, I feel completely justified in the method to my madness because I really enjoy having a mini back-up collection of products for when I want to try something new. 

Basically, this exact palette may not be as easily available two years later, especially if that store in India only carried specific items for a limited time. Suffice to say, the palette is not on the Body Shop website, although there are still other shimmer cubes palettes. The closest comparison is this palette. I hear The Body Shop is permanently lowering some of its prices, which is great if you have been pining for something you can now afford!

Aspects I love
- The colours : the cool purple, champagne, rose pink and mulberry colours are simply gorgeous. They are very flattering on my pale skin, but I suspect they would work very well on many skin tones. I could stare at these shades for hours (and probably have, collectively).
- The texture : light and fine particles are packed well into each mini cube of colour. The shadows are buildable, using either a dry brush or a brush wet with water. I personally prefer applying with a dry brush for a lighter day look, although you sometimes feel the need to pack it on to have an effect.
Be mindful
- The packaging : it definitely looks nice and cute, but I would only ever leave this on your dressing table or stable desktop. The respective lids do not secure in any way, so do not bother putting this in your everyday bag lest it fall out everywhere. That said, if you really want to take this travelling, an elastic band wrapped around should hold the lid/s in place for a while.

Overall, this is a beautiful set of eye shadows whether you are a beginner or more experienced. The colours wear nicely through the day and add a little fresh colour to your soul windows (a.k.a. eyes).

Feel free to let me know what you think of this or any of the Body Shop Shimmer Cubes!

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