15 August 2014

Cruelty-free Lipstick



The Body Shop Lipstick in Shade #53

This is a) the only lipstick I own from The Body Shop, and b) the only true red lipstick I own. And may I say, it does the trick.

This lipstick is from the range that precedes the current Colour Crush range. Shade #53 is a true cherry red with a matte finish and is a classic shade to suit most skin tones. The texture is quite dry when applied, but this is no problem when you first apply a soothing lip balm underneath such as the Labello Milk & Honey lip balm (so moisturising!). Once you have applied a layer of lip balm as a base, the lipstick works well when dabbed on to create a couple layers of colour. In this way, you can almost use the lipstick as a stain rather than full-blown opaque colour.

Depending on how much you talk/drink/eat during the day, the lipstick lasts pretty well and you could easily get half-way through your day before considering re-applying. Also, because of the aforementioned dryness on application, this actually means the lipstick is less likely to rub off on your teeth or water glass etc. I don't know about you, but one thing I am keen to avoid when it come to make-up is having lipstick on my teeth! As a side note, I believe the lovely Lisa Eldrige recommends (as do many people) that you blot in between layers of lipstick applied, to minimise 'mobility' a.k.a. lipstick on your teeth. It works for me so far.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this or any of The Body Shop lipsticks!

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