28 August 2014

Garage Sale = Bargain Beauty

Savvy Classic Blush in Silky Pink
Wearing Revlon ColorStay Longwear in 320 Trade Winds
Hello! I recently attended a garage sale/yard sale, kind of by chance. I found out about it on Reddit in the sub-group for my city, which surprised me as it was the first time I learned of the sub-group. It's actually a pretty handy way to find out about things in your city. Who knew? Not me. Anyway, I made a vague mental note to check it out if I would be in the area that day. Long story short: I was, and I scored a couple of beauty bits and pieces.

So, I got three nail polishes and a blush - and paid almost nothing! All were practically new and I don't think there's a huge issue with using that kind of stuff secondhand (I wiped all the products down anyway). 

Two of the nail polishes were from the ColorStay Longwear range: 005 Base Coat, and 320 Trade Winds. I had been somewhat on the lookout for a bare bone/nude/sand shade and was keen once I spotted Trade Winds. The third polish was from the main Revlon range in 210 Electric Pink, and technically a re-purchase. This is a bright, hot pink: like a watermelon frenzy and nice in warmer weather. 

Lastly was the blush: Savvy Classic Blush in Silky Pink. Savvy is a drugstore brand here in Australia, and the blush was like new. It is a warm, medium pink with the subtlest sheen to it. It does feel silky as the shade name suggests, and only a light swirl with the blush brush is needed to get some nice colour.

I guess this post is mostly to demonstrate that how you never know what good-condition items you might find and pay next to nothing for. Go out and explore!

Let me know if you have had any interesting garage/yard sale finds!

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