19 August 2014

Colour Theory

I recently came across the Colour Theory make-up line, with an inexpensive ($4 Australian), wide, colourful nail polish range. It is made in Australia and appears to be available at Australian drugstores for the most part. I tried two nail colours: Pink Pearlesque (pale salmon nude), and It's A Boy (pale duck egg blue).

Texture-wise, this does impressively for such an inexpensive product. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The finish is smooth and mostly matte with a light gloss. As with most nail polishes, it takes two coats to reach ideal opacity (i.e. at least 90%). The polish dries fairly quickly (couple of minutes) and well, so that you can proceed with your normal business and not worry too much about instant chipping.

Both colours are quite flattering, as they strike a balance between modest and fun. It's A Boy is only just on the warm side of blue (rather than cool blue), but does not appear green or veer towards being a mint colour. Pink Pearlesque is decidely warm nude/pink, and would work as a nice everyday colour.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this or another drugstore nail polish line!

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