13 April 2013

A new approach.

Hello, discerning internet voyageur. Thank you for being here.
From this, the 200th post, I wish to put more of myself (my thoughts) into the mélange d'idées that is Philomanie. To this end, I will take a new, more voluble approach to the virtual treasures I share. Read: there will be more words. For example, some of my current interests are:
  • Living healthily: enjoying be active, learning to cook delicious food, caring for physical wellbeing
  • Living mindfully: trying to understand our impulses & actions, working towards achieving things important to us (even if this sometimes involves resting all weekend), reading to be informed & inspired, considering others' perspectives, taking responsibility for present, past & future
  • Living boldly: creating, brainstorming, painting, articulating, dreaming, playing and thinking 'yes!' the whole time
  • Living happily: accepting we are human, embracing uncertainty, acknowledging gratitude, celebrating our own & others' happiness, pushing ourselves at times & taking it easy at other times
Writing things down can be very useful and rewarding. Some may write novels, papers, articles, love letters, notes, lists, dot-points; anywhere is a good place to start. I'll start here.

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