21 August 2012

Mo Bai

 does serenity well

Oh okay, if I had to... (via Oh Happy Day)

Rafa Jenn via Design Milk

Leslie A. Wood

10 August 2012

And then there was Norway...

Few can make face paint avant garde.

Excuse me while I go row across a lake to meet my unpretentious friends for
a round of organic beer and plaid beards. (Kflk)

Say it. Do it.

Canada is looking pretty wonderful right now.


Dessert-ed Island


For colour enthusiasts

Carolina Vargas

 Forward to the past at Leif

I want all of these by Becca Stadtlander. And her blog.

If you're ever in Lakeland: beignets...

Unbelievable. Alex Catt

quilty pleasure from Folk Fibers

Greetings from the past

When the days are long... Hobes are there to distract your feet.

09 August 2012

It's about time I saw this movie. Living in it is another story.

100th Post and none the wiser...

Cake! Everyone loves cake. Or, most people do. Flowers are unlikely to offend. This one is only missing glitter, perhaps..
Connie Wang Talks Face

02 August 2012

Wunderkind Hilda Grahnat

All you were ever looking for: Cabin Porn

A Few Things