18 April 2010

Spring in Paris : It seemed like an eternity (waiting for its arrival)

I am currently living in Paris, and have been since the dark month of January. In my early winter days here, it felt like the depressing weather might never end. It may seem petty to complain about some rain and grey clouds, but I come from a beautiful part of Australia, where 'snow' does not exist in the weather woman's vocabulary, and the temperature almost never drops below freezing, even in winter. Hence my strong suspicion that I might be susceptible to Seasonal Affect Disorder.
Finally, gloriously, spring has arrived in Paris! There are actually leaves on the trees on Boulevard Saint-Germain, a sight I had once felt I might never see. And the stupidly blue sky! (which often seems to be about two shades lighter than an Australian blue sky) I look forward to more free time which I can spend exploring parks and pretty things (as well as an excuse to wear sunglasses). Oh yeah.


Un parc dans le 7e arrondissement, pas loin des Invalides. Photo © Laura G.

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