22 April 2010

La Blogothèque : Fleet Floxes



I go.
I go with.
I go with the.
I go with the intention.
I go with the intention of.
I go with the intention of being.
I go with the intention of being good.
I go with the intention of being good to.
I go with the intention of being good to you.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls in.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls in the.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls in the gaps.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls in the gaps between.
I go with the intention of being good to you despite all that falls in the gaps between promises.

- Laura G.

18 April 2010

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - 'Kisses Over Babylon'

Cat Power - 'Love and Communication'

Attitude of Gratitude

I find that when things get me down or my optimism falters, I try to adopt an attitude of gratitude: being thankful for the big and little things that make my life wonderful.
Think about it for yourself; you may end up in a much better mood when you think about all the 'things' (people too!) you already have the privilege of coming into contact with. And it doesn't have to be things that are permanent; you could be grateful for something that only happens once.
What are you thankful for today?

NPR Music, You Make My World Go 'Round

I l.o.v.e. the NPR Music program known as All Songs Considered,as well as Live Concerts from All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts (all available as podcasts). As I mentioned in an earlier post, these programs and their host Bob Boilen are so entertaining to listen to, and have managed to introduce me to so many artists!* I especially enjoy it when Bob is joined by Robin Hilton, Stephen Thompson and Carrie Brownstein, usually for year-end and SXSW music reviews. Not only are they well equipped to bring some fantastic new music picks to the table, but they are also funny and human; they have a great rapport. What an interesting group of people!
As I am currently living in France, I sometimes have a strong feeling of missing the English language, so I re-listen to podcasts with the afore-mentioned fab four in full flight. It really does the trick and makes me laugh too! (And I don't get paid to write nice things about them!)
*Animal Collective, Bill Callahan, Brooklyn Rider, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Fanfarlo, Frightened Rabbit, K'naan, Laura Gibson, Lightning Dust, Patrick Watson, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Sarah Siskind, St. Vincent, The Antlers
All images from Podbean.com (you can click on the images for each respective website)

Help, I'm alive.

I find her honesty is astounding.

Younger Than I'll Be

Now there's an exhibition I wish I could attend.
"Poemas de la Soledad en Columbia University/Poems of Solitude at Columbia University" by Federico García Lorca. From Poet in New York (Poeta en Nueva York) by Federico García Lorca, Grove Press Inc., New York: 1940, pp. 2-3. Translation by Ben Belitt.
« Du cœur sensible de la femme jaillit le bonheur de l’humanité » 

- Khalil Gibran. I first saw this quotation projected on the wall of the Saint-Germain metro station in Paris in February 2010. It was there as a part of the annual Parisian cultural initiative Le Printemps des Poètes

Foals - 'Spanish Sahara'

Check out the icy waves.

Spring in Paris : It seemed like an eternity (waiting for its arrival)

I am currently living in Paris, and have been since the dark month of January. In my early winter days here, it felt like the depressing weather might never end. It may seem petty to complain about some rain and grey clouds, but I come from a beautiful part of Australia, where 'snow' does not exist in the weather woman's vocabulary, and the temperature almost never drops below freezing, even in winter. Hence my strong suspicion that I might be susceptible to Seasonal Affect Disorder.
Finally, gloriously, spring has arrived in Paris! There are actually leaves on the trees on Boulevard Saint-Germain, a sight I had once felt I might never see. And the stupidly blue sky! (which often seems to be about two shades lighter than an Australian blue sky) I look forward to more free time which I can spend exploring parks and pretty things (as well as an excuse to wear sunglasses). Oh yeah.


Un parc dans le 7e arrondissement, pas loin des Invalides. Photo © Laura G.

Luz restirada (Lengthened light) taken by Manuel Alvarez Bravo 1944-47. From Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Photopoetry by John Banville, Jean-Claude Lemagny and Carlos Fuentes, p. 178. 
« La femme est libre au moment qu’elle veut l’être. » 

Adaptée d’une citation de Voltaire : « L'homme est libre au moment qu'il veut l'être. » (Brutus, acte II, scène I : 1730). Translation: "The woman is free the moment she wants to be."
Well I love you baby
But you've gotta understand
When the Lord made me
He made a ramblin' woman..

Lyrics to Cat Power's "Ramblin' (Wo)man" (cover of Hank Williams' "Ramblin' Man), from the 2008 covers record Jukebox. An amazing record and an amazing woman.

Patrick! Watson.

Patrick Watson performing 'Big Bird in a Small Cage' from his recent albumWooden Arms (2009). I think this is absolutely great stuff from a frequently underrated musician. Another of his albums which is similarly beautiful is Close to Paradise (2006). I became familiar with his music after listening to the NPR All Songs Considered podcast (one of my favourites) hosted by the legendary Bob Boilen. You can download the podcast here and the All Songs Considered blog is also worth a read.
Turn it up!

12 April 2010

You can.

You can choose.

You can re-decide.

You can change.

Leonard Cohen - 'Stranger Song'

I told you when I came, I was a stranger
It is you my love, you who are the stranger
And it came to you, he never was a stranger

On est tous dans une pièce dont le nom on ne connait.

Chacun joue son rôle: les intellos, les gamins populaires, les athlètes, les rebelles, les pingouins, les hippies. On marche, on parle, on fume, on bouffe, on rit et puis on se dit «à toute à l’heure». Actrices et acteurs évanoui(e)s. 
- Laura Gray 

'Portland, Oregon' - Loretta Lynn & Jack White

All you need is a big heart - keep it open to new experience!

© Laura G.