31 July 2016

Points for Purple

Outfit time!
This one has some fun, wearable colour which is totally my jam. I like how the crazy energy of the dots on the blouse is counterbalanced by the relaxed fit. I must admit that I sometimes envy those who have the discipline to just wear one colour at a time because that would be a challenge for me! So, I'll go with what I know and do some fun purples and blues. Coincidentally, the two  brightest pieces (blouse and scarf) are from thrift stores (in Australia and the U.S.).

Jacket - Levi's
Blouse - Jane Davenport (thrifted)
Jeans - Denim Republic
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Scarf - Brand unknown (thrifted)
Sunglasses - ASOS
Necklace - Hettie's Rock & Crystal Shop
Rings - Hand-me-down
Earrings - Lovisa

11 July 2016

Shop Now: Colourful Collages

My Etsy store is open for business! Go to etsy.com/au/shop/PhilomanieStore for prints of audacious colourful collages handmade by yours truly.

The aesthetic is a collision of intense colour and wild shapes. I enjoy minimalism in many areas of life but in art, I enjoy MAXIMALISM!

Details of items for sale are at the Etsy store link above - come check them out!

19 June 2016

Silver + Blue Angles

Hey everyone!
I thought I would show you an outfit with some of my favourite old and new pieces. I'm so into this gorgeous blue coat which was made by my friend's grandmother. I know - amazing. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn's style in the 1950s. I also love thrift shopping and wanted to showcase some thrifted pieces. You never know what treasure you'll find!

Coat - Handmade
Top - Seed (thrifted)
Skirt - Equipment (thrifted)
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Bag - Hand-me-down
Sunglasses - ASOS
Rings - Hand-me-down
Earrings - Lovisa

23 May 2016

Beauty Favourites May 2016 (Cruelty-Free)

Hello, lovely people!
There are a handful of great products that I want to share with you as I have been really enjoying them this month. To my knowledge, all the products in this post are cruelty-free (i.e. have not been tested on animals) and I am really working toward only acquiring cruelty-free makeup products, rather than products from companies known to test on animals. Also, I really like how they work which is obviously very important - there would be no point in raving about an average product just because it's cruelty-free!
First up is the FRIZZY LOGIC SHINE SERUM from the Australian company O&M. The bottle I have contains 50ml (1.7 fl oz) and so far it seems to have lasted a good while. This is because I tend to just need one squirt of the serum into my hand and then I run it through the ends of my hair. This works well for my hair which is long, wavy and prone to fluffiness, so the serum adds a modest amount of definition. Plus it smells like luscious coconut with a hint of guava. Delicious!

I was on the hunt for a natural deodorant with a scent I like and I actually found one! It is the BODY CRYSTAL ROLL-ON DEODORANT in the scent Wildflowers (80ml). The scent is light and floral - something that appeals to me for an everyday deodorant. More importantly, it does not contain aluminium or alcohol which means it is better for keeping my armpits happy and safe. I found it in a health food store but I think it is also carried in some supermarkets and drugstores, so go have a look!

Oh my goodness, can we please take a moment to appreciate Antipodes? Each product that I have tried from this wonderful New Zealand brand, I have been mightily impressed. These next two items are no exception: the ANTIPODES VANILLA POD HYDRATING DAY CREAM (15ml / 0.5 fl oz) and the ANTIPODES DIVINE FACE OIL with avocado oil and rosehip. I got these two mini versions in a MOISTURE BOST MINI pack, so they are smaller than the full-size of each product. The day cream feels wonderfully moisturising and has natural ingredients such as shea butter, manuka honey, grapeseed oil, macadamia oil, mandarin oil...the list goes on. It also smells of a gorgeous combination of vanilla and orange (like an almond and orange cake), which makes it all the more pleasurable to apply. The face oil is lovely too, leaving a rich moist finish when applied before bedtime. I love to eat avocado, so why shouldn't my skin be able to drink avocado oil (in this face oil)?! So very dreamy.
Speaking of rosehip, I have tried out another rosehip-infused product from the New Zealand brand Essano. It is the ESSANO ROSEHIP GENTLE FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER to be exact. To be honest, I don't often use a cleanser as I have sensitive and often dry skin. However, I found this Essano cleanser to be very gentle and pleasant on my skin. It also has a subtle rosy, musk smell which is fine with me. I am glad I tried this brand as I like to support New Zealand and Australian brands when possible!

Even in the cooler Australian weather, I like to use a bronzer to add warmth to my makeup look. I have been quite enjoying the GLO MINERALS BRONZER in Sunkiss. It is quite a soft bronzer with a matte brown side and a golden shimmery side. The colours might look somewhat warm in the photographs but with a light application, in real life it works a treat. A light application adds just enough warmth without looking too summery. The fact that one side is more matte than the other means I can use either shimmer, matte or a combination depending on my mood. I just really like it!

Sometimes, I just love a great face brush. Time after time, I have come back to this trusty  ECOTOOLS BRUSH  - I think have the superseded version of the precision blush brush. It is so velvety soft and has a big enough head that it can be used for blush, bronzer and even powder. The bristles have lasted many a wash and the brush has kept its shape, so I am very glad that I have this in my collection. Did I mention it was soft?...

Last but certainly not least in my beauty favourites for May is the ESSENCE VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK in the shade 24. Back story: I was looking for a cruelty-free drugstore dupe for the MAC lipstick in the shade Rebel, which is a similar deep plum purple colour. However, since MAC apparently tests products on animals, I was keen to find a cruelty-free and inexpensive dupe. I am definitely satisfied with this Essence lipstick which gives a gorgeous dark berry colour and lasts for a decent time on the lips (as long as you use lip liner). This vampy shade is right up my alley in the colder weather - so chic.

So those are my favourite beauty items of May 2016 and I am ever striving towards acquiring products that have not been tested on animals instead of those that have. Let me know your recommendations for any cruelty-free brands you like. Thanks for stopping by!

All products were purchased with my own money, except for the hair serum which is from a family member. This post contains no paid content.

21 April 2016

Lust Have It Beauty Bag Review

Hello, good people! My fabulous friend gifted me a trial of the Australian Lust Have It beauty subscription service, which was such a neat idea. I made an 'unboxing' (unbagging??) video going through the contents of the October 2015 version. (I know, I know; but better late than never!)
Click on the video below to see what's inside and then check out my other videos on YouTube (youtube.com/c/philomanie) if you're keen!

Thanks for stopping by!